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About Us

“Our purpose is to facilitate and bring together the built environment community within the greater Brisbane region, to share and exchange thoughts and knowledge in respect to technology innovation across the industry.”

The committee believes in providing an avenue for asset owners, practitioners, contractors and interested parties to come together in an informal gathering to discuss, learn and share from others in the industry.

Now in our sixth year the non-profit group meets bi-monthly and presents a range of topics from technical, managerial, through to business and aspirational. We are seeking speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds. We welcome sponsors to help provide an atmosphere of support and openness in our meetings.

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Digital Enablement for Queensland Infrastructure

Qld Gov BIM
As the construction sector transitions from paper-based plans to digital ones, the Digital Enablement for Queensland Infrastructure - Principles for BIM implementation will guide the Queensland Government’s consistent adoption of this new approach. This will provide certainty to industry for its future investment and training decisions.

Government BIM Policy Feedback

BIM policy
Building Information Modelling – draft policy and principles for Queensland - BrisBIM's consolidated feedback to the Queensland State Government - April 2017. The BrisBIM Committee are 100% supportive of the Policy and look forward to seeing the final document...

Collaborate Affiliated Groups

BIM collaboration
"BrisBIM is excited to announce that we are now participating as a collaborate affiliate group member! BrisBIM have long been of the view that BIM groups should be working together, sharing information, not operating in isolated silos (sound familiar?). Collaborate have provided that framework."