November 2016 BrisBIMx Event – Presentation PDFs


3:30 pm Registration

QUT – Gardens Point, Building P, Room 421 (GP-P-421)

4:00 pm Event Introduction

4:05 pm Session 1 – Our part in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Speaker: Belinda Hodkinson, Strategic BIM Advisor

This futuristic view will investigate machine learning in the construction market sector. Spanning beyond the standard productivity to a world that is enhanced by digital solutions. We will investigate embedding our creative thinking with technology and what learning together will mean to meet the needs of tomorrow. This will be achieved by exploring the key areas of computing intelligence; digital, physical and biological. Provoking thoughts on what technology should do for you today, through to what society will benefit from in the future. Finally, creating a vision within the fourth industrial revolution for the construction market sector. Establishing an approach that challenges the way we think today to reach the expectation of tomorrow.

4:45 pm Session 2 – BIM+FM Case Study: Sydney Opera House BIM Interface Project


Speaker: Chris Needham, AECOM

The potential BIM promises toward improved Asset Management and Facility Management is widely touted, but rarely in any great detail. This presentation will focus on a case study: the Sydney Opera House, with its ‘BIM+FM Interface’ project. This is a world-renowned architectural icon, set to benefit from extensive use of multiple data sources integrated with an as-built model of the building – all while juggling multiple improvement projects.

Hear about real-world projects with real-world problems and real-world solutions. Topics to be covered will include as-built model specifications, data schema, database integration, information use cases and more. Learn more about the role of middleware in information integration, and the challenges that brings.

5:25 pm Session 3 – Real Time Rendering and VR for your BIM

Speaker: Joe Banks, BVN

Joe will present the options out there right now that let you get from your BIM authoring software of choice to realtime render and VR in as few clicks as possible. He’ll demonstrate the quality and functionality you can expect from the various solutions and provide side by side comparisons so you can make an informed decision about where to commit your time and money.

6:05 pm Evening Drinks

QUT – Gardens Point, Building P, The Cube, Level 4

6:40 pm Evening Introduction

Networking & Drinks Sponsored by A2K Technologies

6:45 pm Industry Presentations

3 minute talks from BrisBIM attendees

7:05 pm Relax, enjoy…

Networking, Drinks and Food continue

9:00 pm  Event Close

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