“BrisBIM is excited to announce that we are now participating as a collaborate affiliate group member! BrisBIM have long been of the view that BIM groups should be working together, sharing information, not operating in isolated silos (sound familiar?). Collaborate have provided that framework.”


Collaborate have issued the following statement:

“Statement of Collaboration

It has been an exciting time within the BIM fraternity over the past few years. The number of clients and government bodies either requesting or requiring BIM deliverables coupled with the scale of adoption within many companies and across industry is extremely encouraging.” Read more…


By becoming a collaborate affiliate member BrisBIM join the ranks of eleven other regional BIM and software user groups across Australia and New Zealand. Collaborate enable communication,  pooled resources, centralised data and the cross fertilisation of ideas. They also provide the platform for regional issues to be addressed at a national level.




For more information please visit the collaborate website.

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